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The Options

The basic body disposal choices comprise:

Enhancements to the basic choices can include the wish:

You can also set out any other wishes that you may have.

Our Will Writing Services

Customers using our will writing services receive a blank ‘Expression of Wishes’ that provides a comprehensive template for their funeral wishes.

Let Your Executor Know!

Ideally every person should let their executor or next of kin know of their wishes with regards to disposal of their body.  It is not an easy topic to bring up though and all too often a person will die without having given any indication of their preference.

Location of Your Funeral Wishes

It is perfectly permissible to include the testator’s funeral wishes within their Will. However we recommend the use of a ‘letter of wishes’ as this provides greater flexibility.   

You could complete a ‘Funeral Plan’  -- such as that offered by Funeral Inspirations.

The Next Step

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The 6 Body Disposal Options

One of the more difficult decisions for an executor is to select how the deceased’s body is to be disposed of when they have no idea of what the testator is preferred choice was.

It is often the source of bitter family disputes when no direction has been given by the testator to their family.

Organ Donation

Do you wish to provide a better life for someone after you are no longer living?  If so, one option is to donate your body organs.

Including instructions within your Will is only a backstop clause.  If a person is serious about donating their organs the correct way to give authority is:

Registration can be done via the Organ Donation website (see below for details), or when updating your driving licence.

You can set out your wishes which commonly include the desire that your eyes are retained.

Right now nearly 8000 people in the UK need an organ transplant.  

You can help. For help, guidance and to register if you so decide, contact

0300 123 23 23

or visit

Medical Research

Medical research is where your body is given to the anatomy department of your local Medical School at the time of your death.  Their students will then use your body for medical research and learning.


At the end of the time with them (you stipulate the maximum period of time that they can use your body in the initial contract that you make with them) you will be given a funeral service, usually paid for by the medical school, in thanks for your donation.

There are formalities required for donating your body for medical research.  For example the University Hospital in North Staffordshire ask that a person wishing to donate their body completes a formal contract which has to be signed and witnessed.

Ideally the testator’s Will should also reflect the desire for their body to be given for medical research and the testator should have discussed their wishes with their family.

The contact details of our local hospital in North Staffordshire is listed on our links page.

Do you wish to give your body for medical research and training?