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Trusts … And how to control your property

from your grave.

What is a Trust?

- A Simple Definition

It is important to understand what a ‘trust’ is.

If you read the legal textbooks there are a number of definitions that try to define a ‘trust’. Some of these run into paragraphs of legal jargon. For the layman we believe the following describes the operation of trust.

‘A trust separates the ownership of an asset from the enjoyment

and benefit of the asset.’

- Key Benefit of a Trust

And the benefit of including a trust in a Will is that the trust allows the testator to control (via their trustees) what happens to their assets placed into the trust after their death.  In effect, it allows the testator to continue to control their assets from their grave.

- Types of Will Trust

All Will trusts fall into three categories:

Will writers and solicitors rarely use the simple category name. They prefer to use descriptive titles such as ‘Protective Property Trust’ which is a non-discretionary trust aimed at protecting the property from being used to fund long-term care costs. Another example is ‘Asset Protection Trust’ which is a discretionary trust.

What can a trust in a Will do?

Please see the column to the right for an explanation of how trusts can be used. And click on the links in the top right hand corner for detailed examples.

- Our Pricing Policy

Please note that unlike most of our competitors we do not charge an extra fee for including a trust in your Will.  When comparing prices with our competitors please bear this in mind.

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Do you want to know:

A trust ring-fences your assets for the  benefit of your  nominated beneficiaries

You can appoint as many executors as you want in your Will … but only 4 (or less) can apply for Probate.

Read more about executors by clicking here.

Did you know …