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Powerful Wills

Most people are aware that a Will sets out how a person’s estate is to be distributed at the time of their death.  They also usually know that a Will can be used to appoint executors and guardians.

What is not so well appreciated is the true power of a professionally drafted Will.  In a professionally drafted Will conditions can be set in relation to gifts included within the Will (e.g. the beneficiary must attain age 21), executors and Guardian appointments can be conditional, and powerful trusts can be included within the Will that protect beneficiaries, reduces inheritance tax, and protects property.

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A professionally drafted Will can:

The awesome powers of professionally drafted Wills are especially effective for families.Discover the awesome power of a Will

If a deceased testator has significant debts and no assets, then the deceased dies a ‘pauper’.  

If you are the deceased’s executor we recommend you seek professional advice before accepting the role.

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